Loyola Alumni Bulletin

August 2011

Loyola Alumni Association Welcomes - The New Provincial

On 17 May 2011, we received the news that Rev. Dr. Sebasti L. Raj SJ was appointed by Fr. General as the Provincial of Madurai Province in the place of Rev. Dr. Mudiappasamy Devadoss SJ. The Province prayerfully felicitates him and offers its congratulations. Hearty welcome to him to guide and lead the Province. Fr. Sebasti L. Raj was born in Burma (Myanmar) on 18 February 1945 and came to India in 1965 and joined the Jesuits on 14 August. After his licentiate in Philosophy at Shenbaganur he did his Masters in Political Science in M.S. University, Baroda. He was ordained as priest in 1976. He served as Socius to the Provincial during the transition from Rev. Fr. Rex Pai SJ to Rev. Fr. Michael Jeyaraj SJ (1981-82). He obtained a doctorate from Madras University by doing research on the concept of Total Revolution by Jeyaprakash Narayan.He then went to Loyola University of Chicago, USA, for post-doctoral studies (1982-84). On his return to India, in 1984, he joined the Common House and taught Philosophy at Satya Nilayam. From 1985 to 1988, he was the Principal of Satya Nilayam. In addition, from 1986 to 1991, he was also the First Director of Satya Nilayam Research Institute. In 1991, he was appointed the Director of ISI, New Delhi, which post he held till June 1998.

From January 1998 to June 1999, he served as the National Secretary for the Apostolic Visitation of Seminaries, commissioned by the Holy See. In June 1999, he took over as the first Director of NISCORT (National Institute of Social Communication, Research and Training), run by CBCI. From January 2006 to May 2011, he was the Director of Xavier Institute of Management (XIMJ), Jabalpur, an Institute owned by the Jesuits of Madhya Pradesh.

He has made extensive evaluation studies of the CBCI and dozens of religious congregations, dioceses and educational Institutions. In that way he brings with him wide, national level experience in administration and management. He welcomes challenges because they are for him opportunities to achieve. The God of History who is with us and guides us in all our under takings will surely guide him in leading the Province for God's Greater Glory!

We place on record our sincere thanks

It is our pleasure and privilege to thank Rev. Dr. Mudiappasamy Devadoss SJ. on behalf of the Loyola Alumni Association for his service as Provincial from Nov. 2005 till 28th May 2011. As a man of obedience he plunged himself into the task of governing the Province. He believed in the group process and called for frequent consultation; he set in motion a system of governing where in there was greater transparency and dialogue. He had endless patience in negotiations; he evinced deep respect for the mystery of each person. Together with offering our deep debt of gratitude to him we assure him of our prayers and good wishes that he continues to be ever available to God's Mission wherever he is !

The Loyola Alumni Association wishes him all the best in his new ventures.

Prof. C.K. Prahalad Centre for Emerging India

The idea of starting up this centre brewed from a conversation between Mr Gopal Srinivasan, CMD, TVS Capital Funds and Fr Casimir Raj, Director, Prof. C. K. Prahalad Centre for Emerging India. The idea was to pay a tribute to Loyola's illustrious alumnus and a world renowned management guru Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad by taking forward his ideas and ensuring his legacy lives on forever within the campus. Business models can mobilise socio-economic change by engaging the poor in the marketplace profitably was the inspiration behind the centre. The centre will promote entrepreneurial ideas produced by and more importantly for Base of the Pyramid (BOP) market development.

Mission of the Centre

•  To foster thought-leadership by bringing together research and academic contributions.
•  To provide a resource base for other institutions, corporations, and individuals who are working with the Base of the Pyramid.
•  To foster entrepreneurship by knowledge and resource transfer.

Objectives of the Centre

•  To undertake research in the areas of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, appropriate to the Base of the Pyramid.
•  To create a global knowledge base of ideas, practices and experiences for sustainable development.
•  To promote entrepreneurship, especially among women and the marginalised, to further social change.
•  To connect social entrepreneurs with thought-leaders and key players in business, government and non-governmental organization
    to enhance social impact.

Activities of the Centre

•  Identify through research, various innovative marketing opportunities, strategies, and practices that are sustainable for the Base of the Pyramid.
•  Incubate entrepreneurial ideas focusing on the Base of the Pyramid.
•  Research and publish best case practices, articles and books relating to Base of the Pyramid market development and innovative models    identified across the globe on inclusive growth.
•  Conduct seminars and conferences relevant to the aim and objectives of the centre.
•  Liaison with international bodies such as The Rockefeller Foundation to enrich the centre's knowledge base.
•  Recognise and celebrate the success of small and medium-scale entrepreneurs through the presentation of awards annually.
•  Promote Social Venture Capital.

Advisory Board of the Centre

•  Fr N. Casimir Raj, SJ, Director, Prof. C. K. Prahalad Centre for Emerging India
•  Mr Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India
•  Mr Bhadrashyam H. Kothari, Chairman, H. C. Kothari Group of Companies
•  Fr P. Christie, SJ, Director of LIBA
•  Ms Deepa Prahalad, CEO, Anuvaa LLC
•  Mr Gopal Srinivasan, CMD, TVS Capital Funds Ltd
•  Mr R. Gopalan, Secretary, Economic Affairs, Govt. of India
•  Mr Jaithirth Rao, Chairman, Value & Budget Housing Corporation
•  Prof. Jay Amaran, Vice President, Global Determinants, Inc. USA
•  Mr Joseph Raj, CMD, Oceanaa Group
•  Mr Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman, Cognizant Technology Solutions
•  Mr R. Ramaraj, Senior Advisor, Sequoia Capital India Advisors
•  Ms Shikha Sharma, MD & CEO, Axis Bank
•  Mr Xavier Britto, CMD, Indev Group of Companies

Launch of the Centre

The official launch of the Prof. C. K. Prahalad Centre for Emerging India was held on August 06, 2011 at Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai. The event was inaugurated by His Excellency, Mr M. K. Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal and Mr K. V. Kamath, Chairman, Infosys Ltd was the Chief Guest. The speakers included His Excellency, Mr M. K. Narayanan, Mr Venketrama Raja, MD & CEO, Ramco Systems, Prof. Bala Balachandran, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Mrs Gayatri Prahalad, wife of late Prof. C. K. Prahalad, Mr Gopal Srinivasan, CMD, TVS Capital Funds Ltd, Fr Casimir Raj, SJ, Director, Prof. C. K. Prahalad Centre for Emerging India, Prof. Jay Amaran, Vice President, Global Determinants, Inc. USA, Mr K. V. Kamath, Chairman, Infosys Ltd, Dr Sridhar Mitta, MD, NextWealth Entrepreneurs Pvt Ltd, Mr R. Gopalan, Secretary, Economic Affairs, Govt. of India, Fr Sebasti L. Raj, SJ, Provincial, Madurai Jesuit Province and Mr D. Shivakumar, MD, Nokia India. Each of these distinguished individuals commented on their interaction and personal and professional learning from Prof. Prahalad and their vision for the centre and its future endeavours.

Alumni President Speaks

Dear Alumni/ae,

Education would be much more effective if the purpose was to ensure that by the time a Student leaves the Institution he should know how much he knows and how much he does not know and he should have a life long desire to learn what he does not know.

“Loyola” has imbibed in all of us the thirst for knowledge life long, and that is why we are in touch with each other today.

Loyola has given us a safety net for experimenting with life, for discovering our talents, for taking responsibility for tasks and for learning how to absorb knowledge.

I take this opportunity to wish you ALL THE BEST.

B. H. Kothari
President, Loyola Alumni Association

Fr. Rector's Message

Dear Alumni/ae,

It is my great pleasure indeed to feel one with you through this Alumni Bulletin and to share our JOYS and HOPES.

The World Loyola Alumni/ae Congress in August 2010 has given an added impetus to and insight into the whole movement of our Alumni Association besides strengthening the local units in the respective states. This rejuvenation also has brought in lot more expectations and set your alma mater's goals still higher in terms of academic- research orientation, the need of preparing quality student leaders for the nation, the urgency of capacitating the staffs and also the importance of placing Loyola on a solid financial ground. On all fronts, I am sure, your continued support and encouragement by way of offering creative suggestions, innovative proposals and contribution will go a long way to empower your alma mater.

B.Com. Batch of 1967 in Dec. 2010, Botany Alumni Reunion in Feb.2011, LOHO Meet on January 8-9, 2011, Rev. Fr. Jerome D' Souza, SJ Endowment Lecture (2010-2011) on 7th March-2011 are some of the key events of Alumni Association. The Student Directory 2010 was released in the CD format on the Graduation Day held on 12th March 2011 and the same was distributed to the new graduates. Of course, the reach out of the Alumni to the poor and marginalized students is the best part of glimpses of ‘hopes' and ‘joys'. In deed such acts are ever more laudable in nature and content. Certainly each of you is kept in our prayers and is fondly remembered for these noble acts.

Finally my hearty congratulations to all those who have taken lot of efforts under the leadership of Rev. Dr. N. Casimir Raj, SJ, Director of Loyola Alumni Association in strengthening the Loyola Alumni/ae. Kudos to you all.

With God's choicest blessing on each and everyone of you,

Rev. Fr. K. Amal, SJ
Rector, Loyola College

Fr. Secretary & Correspondent's Message

Dear Alumni/ae,


A deep sense of gratitude wells up in my heart as I think of the contribution the former students of Loyola make to their alma mater. In the experience all over the world, an educational institution functions effectively and continues to enhance its quality, not simply by its sources within, but mostly by the ways in which the alumni/ae perform in their life after their time Loyola in their work and live their life. Most of you have demonstrated your character in your performance. That makes the name 'Loyola' shine. In that sense, Loyola's popularity heavily depends upon how you perform. We are grateful to you. 

The World Loyola Alumni Congress was a great event to bring you all back to your 'mother'. If you remember, you will, I spoke on that occasion on the need to welcome you back to Loyola to speak to your brothers and sisters about your success and failure. This is, in my view, crucial to monitor constantly the ways we teach, the ways our students learn and the ways we organise teaching and learning. It could be a guest lecture, or could be a seminar, whatever be the form, you need to come back to us and tell us what you learnt here and what made achieve what you have achieved. The wisdom you have learnt from the life you have lived so far will definitely help the present students in many ways. Warm welcome. 

As you would realise, Loyola stands today at a crossroad. It must move on to shape itself into an international institute. We need to improve the standard of teaching and improve the facilities for teaching-learning-evaluation. To achieve these ends, we need resources. Human resources, finance, and infrastructure are the three key areas in which Loyola develop itself. This development is important to stand the test of time. As the Secretary & Correspondent of the College, I want to appeal to you all to help us evolve ways of recruiting competent staff (teaching and non-teaching), and retaining them by giving them training for on-going development of their competencies. And your advice is needed to raise funds to build the corpus of Loyola. We have made some initial efforts. We have an office dedicated for this: Loyola Development Office (LDO). A brochure has been printed to explain to our alumni/ae the Loyola Master Plan and what we need to realise that plan. We would be most grateful if you could join us in this effort. I am sure you will. 

Let us resolve unitedly to take Loyola to a next stage in its service of forming men and women for others.

With every best wishes,

Rev. Dr. C. Joe Arun SJ
Secretary & Correspondent, Loyola College

Fr. Principal's Message

Dear Alumni/ae,

I am very happy to speak to you through this Alumni Bulletin in August 2011. The World Loyola Alumni Congress organized on 28, August 2010 by the Loyola Alumni Association is still fresh in our memory. About 3000 alumni/ae attended the Alumni Congress and shared their experiences. Loyola College is proud of each and every one of you.

Loyola College has carried the flame of academic excellence and character formation for the past 86 years through innumerable challenges to keep that flame alive and burning. We have been recognized as the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by the Government of India. In recognition of our excellence, UGC has chosen us for the second time as the Centre for potential for Excellence.

We have a large number of students from first generation, poor and marginalized sections in our College. We are now in the process of restructuring our curriculum to keep up the relevance and quality of the syllabi.

I gratefully acknowledge your contribution to the academic excellence by arranging lectures and industry exposure, and by increasing the access of the poor and the marginalized sections to Higher Education by providing scholarships. I encourage you to continue to give scholarships to the needy students. I hope with your cooperation “School of Commerce” will be completed soon.

I appreciate and thank Rev. Dr. N. Casimir Raj, SJ, Director and Mr. B. H. Kothari, President, Alumni Association for bringing out the Loyola Alumni Bulletin.

Let Your Light Shine.

Rev. Dr. B. Jeyaraj SJ
Principal, Loyola College

Fr. Deputy Principal's Message

Esteemed Alumni/ae,

At the outset, Let me extend a heart-felt thanks to you all for your contributions to the growth of our college as well as to the Loyola Alumni Association in the academic year 2010-2011.

My heart is filled with joy to share my vision for the academic year 2011-12. Every page of our life is like a matchstick in the matchbox. How sweet our life can be, if we can lead a quite life like these, matchsticks, always ready and willing to serve others.

''How blessed are we if we, instead of cursing darkness give light to others, atleast like a glow-worm. If we can not be a fire, we can be a candle in the darkness. This is my prayer for you,"

Lord Give me the love that leads the way; the faith that nothing can dismay; the hope no disappointments tire; the passion that will burn like fire, let me not sink like a clod, make me thy fuel, flame of god"(Amy Carmichael).

Wish you all success in all your endeavors throughout the year.

Rev. Dr. S. Arockiasamy SJ
Deputy Principal, Loyola College

Change of Guard in Loyola

Rev. Dr. M. Albert William SJ
Vice-Principal (Finance) & Campus Treasurer

Dr. S. Albones Raj
Vice Principal (Shift - I)

Dr. M. John Sundar David
Vice Principal (Shift – II)

Dr. P. Sagayaraj
Dean of Research

Dr. S. Jerome Das
Dean of Science

Rev. Fr. V. Henry Jerome SJ
Dean of Foundation Studies

Prof. S. Pencier
Asst. Controller of Examinations

Prof. G. Ramamurthy
Director, Training & Placement Cell

Rev. Dr. S. Samuel Jeyaseelan, SJ
Director, PU-LC Twinning Programme

Rev. Dr. G. Joseph Antony Samy, SJ
Director, Institutes for Career Advancement ( ICA )

Prof. T. Eugine
HOD, Dept of Economics

Dr. A. Victor Devadass
HOD, Dept. of Mathematics

Prof. Antoine Lebel
HOD, Plant Biology & Biotechnology

Prof. Lawrence Jayakumar
HOD, Media Arts


Retired Staff

DR. S. JAYASURIYA KINGSLEY the Head of the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology has put in 37 years of service including 11 years as the HOD. He is compassionate to the students and is a forward thinking person with unflinching loyalty to the College. He is a dedicated teacher and is hard working. He is very committed and jovial but a serious-minded Professor, who has produced the first Ph.D. in his Department. He rendered commendable service as the Dean of Sciences in Loyola College for 3 years. He was the one, who prepared the Academic Handbook, which we follow even now. He played a key role in streamlining registration for allied optional, general elective etc.

DR. (Ms) UDAYA MAHADEVAN has put in 34 years of service in the Department of Social Work. She is an affectionate, committed, dedicated and sincere teacher. She is very simple and highly systematic in her approach, and compassionate to the students. The famous College anthem ‘Loyolavin oli veesattum' was written by her. She has got many awards including ‘Role Model Award' for social workers as part of the International Women's Day Celebrations. She has always performed her duties with a smile, and is always willing to share her expertise with our student community.

DR. M. SELVANAYAGAM from the Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology has put in 34 years of service in our College. He is a committed teacher and a man of principles. He is the Director of Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy for more than 5 years. He streamlined the rules and regulations of UGC and has made these available to all the staff members. He was the Head of the Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology for 5 years, and he is one of the key persons to introduce two post-graduate courses on Bio-Instrumentation Sciences and Medical Lab Technology courses. His sense of belonging and loyalty to the college is highly commendable and worthy of emulation.

DR. K. SHANMUGA VELAYUTHAM in the Department of Social Work has put in 30 years of service in Loyola College. He is a committed, dedicated and sincere teacher and much focussed and a man of principles. He is highly systematic in his approach and student-oriented. He has been involved in many counselling and social awareness programmes.

DR. PAUL RAJAMANICKAM has put in 25 years of service in the Department of Statistics. He was our former NCC-Navy officer and has produced many outstanding cadets. He is a sincere teacher and unassuming person. He is a very friendly person, loved by all his students in his Department. Due to his personal commitment, he has taken voluntary retirement from his service here.

REV. DR. FRANCIS P XAVIER, SJ has put in 18 years of service in the Department of Physics. He was our former Provincial of Madurai Jesuit Province (1999-2005) known for radical leadership. Option for the poor is his byline. During summer, he visits Boston College, USA as a visiting Scientist. He is much sought-after as resource person for many conferences and workshops. He is the founder-Director of Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy (LIFE) multidisciplinary facility started in 1995 at Loyola College. To top it all, currently he is the founder-director of Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology.

REV. DR. JOHN PRAGASAM, SJ in the Department of Chemistry has put in 13 years of service here. He was our first Deputy Principal in Shift-II. He has served in this institution in many capacities, as Vice Principal, Games President, Library Warden etc. He is very soft spoken and was the superior for 6 long years in Berchman's Hall. He is highly systematic in approach and loved by the students very much. He is at present serving as Dean of Studies in our Engineering College (LICET).

MR. D. JAMES has put in 39 years of service in our College Office. He retired as the Office Superintendent. He performed his duties always with a smile. He is a dedicated staff member, highly co-operative with all his colleagues. His sense of belonging and loyalty to the college is highly commendable and worthy of emulation.

MR. K. S. GEORGE has put in 24 years of official service in our College. He served in the Department of Chemistry for more than 30 years, and promoted to our College Office. He is soft spoken, honest and sincere in his work. His loyalty to the College is highly commendable. He is a dedicated staff member, highly cooperative with all his colleagues.

MR. M. THOMAS has put in 20 years of service as a gardener in our college.

Loyola Alumni Association takes this opportunity to thank them for their dedicated service at Loyola College and wishes them a happy retired life. We also welcome them to take active participation in the activities of Loyola Alumni Association.

Loyola on Top

Loyola College has continued to remain for the past 10 years in the list of the top 10 colleges in India ranked by India Today (see the issue of July 18 2011).

India Today Ranking (2002 to 2011) Loyola College position













































Source: India Today Magazine, May - July 2002 to 2011

Loyola Alumni Association

Loyola Alumni Association (LAA) is one of the very active wings of the Loyola College. The total membership of the Association is 24,857 as on 12th August 2011. Nearly 2258 fresh graduates have become members of Alumni Association in the current academic year alone.


New Deputy Directors: Rev Dr. G. Joseph Antony Samy SJ and Rev. Fr. Joseph Antony Jacob, SJ have been appointed as Deputy Directors of LAA.

World Loyola Alumni/ae Congress 2010: Loyola Alumni Association conducted Alumni Congress 2010 on 28th August 2010. Nearly 3200 alumni/ae participated in that mega event which was first of its kind.



LOHO–2011: The usual gathering of the former Loyola Hostelites was held in Trichy with the theme 'REWIND @ ROCKFORT', on January 8th and 9th, 2011.  

JAAI: Sixth National Congress of JAAI was held in St. Xavier's High School, Patna from 4th to 6th Feb 2011. Rev Dr. G. Joseph Antony Samy SJ, Deputy Director, Loyola Alumni Association participated in it. “ Public-Private Partnership for Better Education ” was the theme of the Congress.


  • B.Com. Batch of 1967 held its Reunion on 18th December 2010, 25 members came for the gathering.
  • Botany Alumni Reunion 2011 was held on 14th February 2011, 100 members attended the gathering.

From Alumni

Alumni Bulletin: The Bulletin was brought out in August 2010, it was circulated to all the life members and also it was sent by email to all the new graduates.  

Scholarship: Financial assistance to the tune of Rs.1,00,000/ - was given to the poor and deserving students, which enables them to pay their semester fees and hostel mess fees.  

Endowment Lecture: Rev. Fr. Jerome D' Souza, S.J. Endowment Lecture (2010-2011) was delivered by Mr. N. Vaghul, Former Chairman, ICICI Bank on 7th March 2011.  

Student Directory 2010: On the Graduation Day 2010 (12th March 2011), the Student Directory 2010, was distributed to the new graduates in the CD form.

13th South Zone Jesuit Alumni/ae Congress

Dear Alumni/ae,

Greetings from Loyola Alumni Association,

We are extremely happy to invite you for the 13th South Zone Jesuit Alumni/ae Congress at St. Joseph's Boys' High School, Bangalore on 8th & 9th October 2011.

It would be great if you could spare two days to participate in the congress. Loyola Alumni Association will bear the Registration fee (Rs.600/-) and the participants have to arrange their travel & accommodation. It is our earnest wish that many alumni/ae attend the congress. If you are willing to attend the congress, kindly download the Registration form and send the filled in form to the Alumni office, so that we will send the Registration forms and the registration fee to St. Joseph 's Boys' High School, Bangalore.

Seeking your kindest cooperation and eagerly waiting to hear the good news of your participation in the South Zone Jesuit Alumni/ae Congress.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. N. Casimir Raj, SJ
Director, Loyola Alumni Association

Sports and Games

The year 2010-2011 has been another year of Loyola dominance in the sporting arena. The past year has seen all the teams from various disciplines, grow from strength to strength and in the process bring laurels to the college and all involved with sports in Loyola. There has been a conscious effort from the sports department to instil a very high level of professionalism, which today has become a pre-requisite to perform at the highest level. This approach has borne fruit and has resulted in Loyola College being one of the top sporting outfits in the country.

Inter Nationals

Dishant Vipul I BBA represented Indian Basketball team for ASIAN GAMES held at China

Vishal Sudhakar III B.Com -winner of the Madras – Colombo International Regotta in the double scull and fours

National Games

  • In Athletics M. Surendhar I BA History won Gold Medal in 110 meter Hurdles and two of our athletes represented National Games held at Ranchi.
  • In Table Tennis E. Prabhakaran III B.Com and Venkatraman I B.Com won the Gold medals in National Games at Ranchi.
  • In Football Mervin I MA History and Sudhakar II BA History Participated in National Games held at Ranchi.
  • In Hockey Md. Fazil III B Sc Computer Science Participated in National games held at Ranchi.

National medallist

Karthick – I B.Com represented Tamil Nadu Sub Junior team and Gold medal
J. Surendhar – II B.Com represented Tamil Nadu Junior team.

Surendhar represented Tamil Nadu Junior team and created New meet record in 110 meter hurdles Athletics Championship at Bangalore.

All India Inter University medallist

  • M. Prakash and M. Surendhar won silver medal in Athletics championship held at Gundur.
  • Vekatraman, Susmit Siriram and Jagadeesh won silver medal in Table Tennis Championship held at Mumbai.
  • Raghuwaran, Dhileeban, Nanda Kumar, Vivek Raj Kumar and Mohamed Fazil won bronze medal in Hockey championship held at Mumbai.

This year Loyola won 43 trophies and produced 63 University players, many state and national medallists.

Loyola won the following prestigious trophy continuously for many years

  • Madras University SIVANDHI ADITHYAN rolling trophy for producing maximum number of university players from Loyola College.
  • A. Lakshmanaswamy Mudaliar memorial trophy for Athletics.
  • Ethiraj trophy for Bertram memorial overall Champion.

Loyola maintain number one spot this year in the following games

  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Cricket



University players







Ball Badminton


















Table tennis






Rowing, Boxing



Students' Union 2010-2011

The Chief Guest for the Inauguration of the Loyola Students' Union 2011-2012 was  Thiru. T. Rajendran,  ADGP – Intelligence, Govt. of TN, and a distinguished alumnus of our college. Thiru. T. Rajendran administered the oath to the newly elected members of the Students' Union for the year, 2011-2012, as given below:



















Rev. Fr. K. Amal SJ, Rector,  Rev. Dr. C. Joe Arun SJ, Secretary & Correspondent,  Rev. Dr. B. Jeyaraj SJ, Principal, and  Rev. Dr. S. Arockiasamy SJ,  Deputy Principal offered their felicitations. The function was held under the auspices of the Dean of Students,  Prof. I. A. J. Jeyadoss.


Rev. Fr. P. Susai SJ our former Vice Principal, (Self Supporting Courses) and former Hostel Director passed away on 19th December 2010 due to Heart attack.
Rev. Fr. Archambeand Guy SJ  passed away on 3rd April 2011 due to cardiac arrest.
Dr. A. Arockiyasamy, Lecturer, Dept. Commerce (Shift –II) passed away on 12th June 2011 due to health conditions.

May all the souls rest in peace.