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Welcome to Loyola College-Chennai, the age-old temple of higher learning!


Founded in the year 1925, Loyola College-Chennai is part of the global Jesuit educational network, pioneered and meticulously engineered by the herculean efforts of the French Jesuit missionaries with a clear foresight and vision. The Jesuits are known for establishing institutions of higher learning across the globe and for promoting quality education with great zeal and zest. Genuine and humble love for people coupled with the spirit of Magis, Latin for, “doing ‘better' or ‘more' for others” has always provided us the inspiration to march ahead in actualizing our vision in our context.


This College of Excellence not only tries to be an epicentre of knowledge and wisdom but also one of human values. In its staggering 92 years of academic life, Loyola College has been trying to engage itself in real intellectual discussions and initiate discourses on various disciplines and themes that nurture and promote pluralism and appreciate every culture, literature, philosophy and arts. This has encouraged people from different states and countries to flock here in search of wisdom and knowledge. It ardently follows an inclusive policy in imparting education to all irrespective of caste and creed, adhering to a pluralistic tradition. Our students grow in a secular environment of mutual respect and freedom, with a plethora of opportunities to develop and nurture their potentials and talents.

Loyola strives to achieve excellence in all the three dimensions of higher education - teaching, research and service learning, where excellence is a culture and way of life. Its chief priority is to help the students achieve academic excellence of the highest order through instilling strong and mission-driven motivation in our faculty. The college attempts to focus on purposeful innovation by giving importance to application-oriented research and teaching. Loyola values each and every student under its shelter and provides individualized attention and personal care called Cura Personalis, which is one of the many hallmarks of the Jesuit education. Our faculty relentlessly toil to achieve integral growth and development of our students and lovingly accompany them along their academic journey in our campus.

Our ultimate goal is, ‘building a just, humane and eco-friendly society with all people of good will' by adeptly using education as a powerful tool. With inputs derived from our scientific research and research findings, we already assist the policy-makers at the national and international levels with alternatives, better solutions, and greater options for the greater benefit of the poor and the marginalized. Much importance is given to policy-making and people-oriented research. We render our support especially to the first generation learners from the marginalized sections of our society. In order to instill a sense of social responsibility in students, an array of activities, particularly the outreach programmes designed to develop a socio-centric attitude with a spirit of concern for others is seriously undertaken in our college.


Loyola takes great pride in its illustrious sons and daughters who have passed out of this institution and are now serving the society as our brand ambassadors through their professional and social networks. Our alumni continue to propagate the Jesuit legacy and the values inculcated by us wherever they are. Thus, we make our indelible mark on the society at large.


All the 18 departments and various research units of Loyola College attempt to channelize all their creative abilities and energies into productive outcomes that would benefit not only the people of Tamil Nadu and India but also larger humanity crossing all borders and frontiers, with a special concern for people at the periphery. Being an institution known for its academic standards and intellectual calibre, we shall continue our mission of creating “men and women for others” for the ‘greater glory of God.'

‘Let our light shine.'


Rev. Dr. M. Arockiasamy Xavier, S.J.,
Loyola College, 
Chennai - 600 034.
Ph: 91 44 28178301

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