Chronology of Events
1912 Request of Archbishop Aelen to open a College in Madras in February.
1924 Foundation stone laid by His Excellency Willington, Governor of Madras on 10th March.

Beginning of the College with 75 students enrolled in the first year B.A. in Economics, History and Mathematics. 3 blocks of hostel were constructed. Inauguration of the College by Sir A.P. Patro, Minister of Education.

1926 Establishment of Departments of Physics and Chemistry. Number of students increased to 300.
1927 Commencement of the First year Honours in Mathematics and Economics. Enrollment of
students went up to 503. Closure of B.A. History.
1929 Eleven hostel blocks came into existence.
1930 Construction of the College Church.
1932 Blessing of the College Church by Most Rev.E.Mederlet, D.D.,S.C., Archbishop.
1933 Annexes were built for the Physics Department.
1937 Introduction of Oriental Languages (Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit).
The strength of the College increased to 1387. Introduction of Hindi, French in Part III of the B.A. Re-introduction of Latin, Botany and Zoology in the B.Sc., B.Com.(Honours) & B.Sc (Honours) in Chemistry. A storey was added to the Jesuit Residence. Two hostel blocks each of 3 storey completed. Construction of the Chemistry Block.
1945 Establishment of B.Com.
1948 Establishment of Department of Natural Sciences.
1949 Department Publication of the First Research Paper in Zoology division of Department of Natural Sciences. Starting of B.A. French.
1950 Establishment of Department of Botany. Commencement of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations
on 27th October.
1950 Inauguration of the Bertram Hall.
1951 The student body numbered 1800.
Two Hostel Blocks, new mess-rooms, a store cum dispensary and a temporary indoor games
building were put up. Construction of 40 houses in two quarters at the corners of the College for the non-teaching staff.
1954 Establishment of the Institute of Social Science offering Diploma in Social Work. Cardinal Gracias presided over College Day.
1956 Introduction of PUC. Celebration of the 400th anniversary of the death of St. Ignatius. Addition of a Block of 15 rooms to the Jesuit Residence. Construction of the Teaching Staff quarters. Shedding of Intermediate in Arts & Sciences.
1957 Establishment of B.Sc. Zoology. Revival of B.A. History.
1958 Starting of new two year PG courses.
1959 Establishment of B.Sc. Statistics. Visit of Cardinal Agagianian accompained by Archbishop Knox.
1963 Introduction of M.A. Social Work. Establishment of Entomology Research Institute.
1967 Visit of Rev. Fr. Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus on 20th June.
1968 Introduction of German Language.
1969 Introduction of B.A. Tamil.
1970 Opening of Sauliere Hall for Hostelites on 31st July.
1971 Starting of Loyola College (Evening). The strength of the College stood 2500. A floor was added to the Day Scholar’s Centre.
1972 Appointment of a full time Counselor.
1973 Establishment of Ignatian Institute for Career Development.
1975 Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
1978 The granting of Autonomy to the College.
1979 Establishment of Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA)
1980 Visit of Rev. Fr. Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus.
1981 Establishment of M.Phil. Economics. Introduction of Dept. of Foreign Languages (French & German).
1982 Starting of M.Sc. Statistics.
1983 Establishment of Loyola Institute of Visual Communication and B.A. Sociology.
1984 Introduction of M.Phil. in Chemistry and Mathematics.
1985 Establishment of M.Sc. Physics and M.Sc. Zoology.
1986 Celebration of the Diamond Jubilee on 9th October.
1987 Establishment of M.Phil. Commerce & Statistics. Upgradation of Dept. of English as a PG Dept.
1988 Establishment of M.Phil. Zoology. Most Rev. G. Casimir, S.J., D.D., blessed Jerome D’souza
Administrative Block.
1989 Starting of B.Sc. Visual Communication. Establishment of Ph.D. in Statistics, M.Phil. in Physics, Economics & Social Work.
1990 Construction of the New Physics Dept. building and Computer Centre.
1991 Establishment of the New Racine Research Centre in Mathematics.
1992 Inauguration of the New Physics Block. Establishment of Ph.D. in Physics. Launching of
Loyola Extension & Awareness Programme for PG students (LEAP).
1993 Starting of M.A. Applied History and B.Sc. Computer Science.
1995 Establishment of Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy (LIFE). Hosting of the First National Jesuit
Alumni Congress.
1996 Inauguration of the New LIBA building in September. Visit of Cardinal Lourdusamy. Commerce became research department.
1997 Celebration of the birth Centenary of Fr. Jerome D’Souza, S.J.
1998 Establishment of Loyola Institute for Industrial and Social Science Research. Introduction of M.A. Philosophy. Re-introduction of B.A. French. Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Evening College in March. Inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee Building by Rev. Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, SJ.
1999 Introduction of M.C.A., M.Sc.Biotechnology and B.B.A. Accredited at 5 Star Level by NAAC.
Introduction of M.Sc., International Business (L.S.B.U.)
Dept. of Botany renamed as the Dept. of Plant Biology and Biotechnology. Introduction of B.C.A., B.A (Corp.), M.Sc. (Computer Science).
2001 Restructuring of the Syllabi - Choice Based Credit System introduced for UG.
2002 Inauguration of the LIFE Building.
2003 Introduction of M.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology & M.Sc. Visual Communication.
2004 Restructuring of the Syllabi - Choice Based Credit System introduced for PG. Introduction of M.A. Medical Sociology, Biomedical Instrumentation Science. College with Potential for Excellence conferred by UGC.

Dept. of Zoology renamed as the Dept. of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology. Blessing of new buildings “School of Media Studies” and additional floor in J.D.Block. Inauguration of Loyola - Kovalam Tsunami Rehabilitation Project and Kovalam community College, assisted by TATA Relief Committee - Introduction of MSW (SF). Evening College becoming Autonomous. Introduction of M.Sc. Corporate Governance, L.S.B.U.

2006 M.C.A. becoming Autonomous. Restructuring phase - II for UG implemented. Introduction of
M.A. Media Arts & M.Phil History
Inauguration of :
- Resource Center for Differently Abled Students
- School of Physical Sciences
Introduction of M.Sc. Industrial Biotechnology. Management and B.B.A., Lille Catholic University, France.
Reaccredited at A+ Level by NAAC

Renovation of the 75 years old College Church.
Guest Rooms & IOB, Loyola Branch in New Premises
- M.Phil Courses restructured - Introduction of M.Phil., & Ph.D., in Plant Biology and Biotechnology and in English - M.A., Med. Sociology changed to M.Sc., Med. Sociology.

2008 Introduction of M.Sc., Food Chemistry and Food Processing. Renaming of LISOR as LISSTAR
2009 Introduction of M.C.A., in PULC and Euroasian management in LSBU, London, South Bank
2010 Conferment of SIRO (Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) status by Dept. of Science and Technology, GOI.

Introduction of second section in B.Com. Corporate

Starting of M.A. Tamil Course
- Establishing e-resources for research and publications
- Institution of Ritu and Sanjiv Kaura Chair in Liberal Arts.

2012 New Restructuring of syllabus for UG & PG Effective for 2012 - 2013
2013 NAAC reaccreditation, 3rd cycle with 3.70 CGPA out of 4.00
2014 Conferred "College of Excellence" in February by UGC



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