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Events Completed ( August 2017)
Inauguration of  “Loyola Association of 
Plant Biologist & Biotechnologist (LAPB)” - 1st August 2017     
Organized by Department of Plant Biology & Biotechnology
The First Academic Mentoring Session - 2nd August 2017 
M.Phil. Entrance Examination - 2nd August 2017
Training Program for Personal Mentors - 3rd August 2017 
Inauguration of FACT (2017-18) - 3rd August 2017                  
Organized by
Dept. of Computer Applications (MCA)
Inauguration of Loyola Economics Association for Development (LEAD) - 4th August 2017                
Organized by 
Department of Economics
Interactive Session on “VIKRAM VEDHA” - 4th August 2017
Organized by 
Department of Visual Communication
A Retreat for all UG & PG Catholic Girls - 5th August 2017 
First CIA Test - 7th August to 12th August 2017
Inauguration of M.Phil. Classes - 10th August 2017
A Lecture on "Structuralism, Semiotics and Film Criticism" - 10th August 2017 
Organized by 
Department of Visual Communication & History
in Collaboration with 
Loyola Institute of Social Science Training and Research (LISSTAR)
A Lecture on “Neuro-cognitive aesthetic and the unity of ways of knowing” - 11th August 2017 
Organized by School of Human Excellence
in Collaboration with LISSTAR
A Lecture on  “Neuro-cognitive aesthetic and the unity of ways of knowing”
- 12th August 2017  
Organized by Department of Economics
in Collaboration with LISSTAR
71st Independence Day Celebration - 15th August 2017
Inauguration of Quality Circle and Springboard  Leadership Programme  - 17th August 2017 
Organized by IQAC
LISSTAR Discussion Forum on  “Social Theories” - 17th August 2017 
Inauguration of  LMA 2017-18
Loyola Mathematics Association (Shift - I) - 18th August 2017   
Organized by  Dept. of Mathematics                 
Inauguration of FLOWS (2017-2018) - 18th August 2017
Inauguration of Forum for Information Technology
(FIT) - 18th August 2017
Organized by  Dept. of Computer Science       


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