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Scientific breakthroughs concerning the biological, emotional, cognitive, and social basis of normal and abnormal behavior are reported in the media almost daily and demands for psychology to take exemplary social action.

The Department of Counselling Psychology was established in the year 2021. A full-fledged two year Postgraduate programme in Counselling Psychology was introduced with the aim to provide students with enriched knowledge and train them for research, for academic and applied settings that will broaden and deepen the knowledge base on which the science of psychology rests.

The postgraduate program in the Department of Counselling Psychology annually enrolls about 26 students. The relatively small size of our graduate program ensures that each student receives extensive attention in following an individualized curriculum.

The students will be committed to appreciate the multiple historical and theoretical contexts from which the field has emerged, and to create an environment that facilitates student and faculty interest and participation in research activities.

The Department invigorates itself to facilitate outstanding scholars in counselling psychology, with special efforts to help bridge their competencies and aptitudes. The department is a thriving and diverse intellectual community that is committed to a culture of inclusiveness. It inculcates a supportive environment that provides rigorous practical training. The program is an active, exciting, flexible, and challenging setting to create competent professionals ..

Shaping eager minds to excel in the empirical art of counselling, scientific explorations and humanistic altruism.

To empower the students in the 6 thrust areas of
I. Self-Awareness and Healing
II. Strong Theoretical Foundation
III. Corresponding Practical Exposure and Training
IV. Paper Publication and minor projects
V. Strong vocational competency and job proficiency
VI. Social sensitivity, responsiveness and participation

Core Values
Unconditional Positive Regard


Ms. D. Anitha Yazhini

Department of Counselling Psychology,
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: +91 44 28178380