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Higher education in the 21st century depends on technology. Since the early 2000s The use of technology has skyrocketed. We have evolved to a generation where the Digital Devices have become a commodity of ultimate need in today's technology-driven world. It is no longer a luxury. It's a social justice for one to own a digital device in the 21st century. Today, the Economic and social inequality has caused this major issue for the students.

Everyone are equal.

Everyone deserves education.

Everyone should be provided with the Technology for their education.

With this we introduce you to the Digital Devices Bank!

The innovation to solve the technological problems of students, brought to you by the students of Loyola College with the advisory of Fr. Principal, Deputy Principal, Mr. Xavier CEO of LI3C and Mr. Masi Convenor of the Loyola Alumni International Chapters.

The mission of the Digital Devices Bank is to bridge the Gap between the Students education and their inability to have access to the technology. Everyone has their right for their education and nobody should be left behind to portray their skills in today's World just because of the denial of access to technology.

We all are empowered to do something great for this world. We are more than happy to provide the path for the students for their greater future. So, we would want the students to take this opportunity and to learn, grow and nurture themselves for their future goals.

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