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The Department of Chemistry at Loyola College, Chennai, caters to the needs of student community offering courses in general chemistry in the undergraduate and postgraduate education and fundamental research in chemistry.

A team of dedicated teachers with rich experience in research, frame curriculum and modify it periodically to accommodate the latest developments in chemistry. The department reaches out to the local community through outreach programs, chemistry-on-wheels and quiz programs to achieve the goals of inclusion, equity and diversity.

With the mission to equip and prepare students to attain global competency, the department emphasizes education, counselling and coaching on all areas of chemistry for their future careers.

The work carried out in our research labs is second to none in the national level and has achieved global recognition. Realising that teaching becomes more authoritative and relevant only through expertise in research, the excellence in core areas is strengthened by promoting and providing opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

Ongoing research programs on macrocyclic complexes of transition and inner-transition metals, development of contrast agents for MRI, bimodal imaging probes for MR and fluorescence imaging, functional supramolecular assemblies, nanomaterials, nanocatalysis, synthetic organic chemistry, phytochemistry, theoretical chemistry and computational reaction modelling add to the strength of the department.

Dr. D. Suresh Kumar
Head, Department of Chemistry


Dr. D. Suresh Kumar

Head of the Department
Department of Chemistry,
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: +91 44 2817 8200 (Ext. 333)