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About Us
Aim of the Club:
To develop and encourage students to understand the various elements of photography and actively use them as a method to communicate and document.

Vision of the Club:
Building an environment for students to showcase their creativity and unique perspectives through photography and the ability to learn from each other.

Mission of the Club:
Encouraging students across all disciplines to learn the principles and elements of photography. Enabling them with real-time experience through projects and event documentation. Showcasing their work and encouraging learning through feedback from peers and experts.

To build the experience of reliving and sharing photography through various types of programmes at different level this which will create awareness and understanding among the students and general public.

Activities Planned:
Learning sessions by peers, guest lectures and workshops by experts, active participation in documenting events organised in the college campus, field trips to nearby locations to understand the art of a photo shoot, exhibitions showcasing the work of students, shows, contests to enable them to learn through feedback.

Annual Reports:
-> 2019-2020

-> 2018-2019
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