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India is a land of diverse cultures with 1600 spoken languages. There would hardly be a nation with such rich language heterogenity. All the languages have their uniqueness and significance. Sanskrit is one of the oldest Indian languages and is known as the Vedic language. A large number of ancient manuscripts in India are in Sanskrit and undoubtedly, provides invaluable insights in comprehending our glorious past and spiritual trajectory. The Department of Oriental Languages has always rendered the students with the opportunity of learning Sanskrit. Till date, not only thousands of students have scored well in the subject but most of them have developed grounded persona through profound understanding of Indian culture and civilisation from the language. The Sanskrit language has earned a place of eminence at the international level too. In the domain of ancient classical languages, the Hindi language is representative of novelty. With simplicity in structure and form, it is spoken widely and can connect people across the nation. Today, in the global ranking of most spoken language in the world, Hindi ranks second, next to Mandarin Chinese. Hindi is spoken in a number of countries including Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, Singapore, South Africa, America, Suriname, Uganda, Britain, New Zealand, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago. Hindi is taught in a number of foreign schools, colleges and universities too.

The knowledge of the language benefits students not only in India but it bestows them with opportunities in various places in the globe. The department has imparted Hindi education to thousands of students since its inception. Certainly, the students having imbibed the nuances of the language get to gain out of their knowledge and are instrumental in contributing to nation building. They are able to effectively communicate to various strata of society. Hindi as a medium of communication has an immense market with big stakes to which the whole world is looking forward to tap. In such a scenario, knowledge of Hindi would bring forth new opportunities of employment. Language is a quintessential part of our social existence and hence, the department of oriental languages is committed to develop the personality of its students through teaching these languages.

Dr. Raj Shekhar
Head, Department of Oriental Languages


Dr Raj Shekhar

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