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Greetings from the Department of Social Work!


The Department of Social Work began as Loyola Institute of Social Sciences in 1954. The institute offered a diploma program in social work for about a decade and started the postgraduate program in 1963. Since then the department has come a long way to what it is today.

The department has seen the stewardship of doyens in the field, beginning with Prof. WTV Adiseshiah, Fr. George Chirackal S.J, Prof. John Peter, Dr. Joachim, Dr. Udaya Mahadevan, Fr. K. C. George S.J., Dr. Joseph Xavier S.J., Dr. Lawrence Amalraj S.J, Fr. J. M. Dass S.J., Prof. Arul Raj and other eminent professors. This year, there has been a change of guard in the department as I take over from Dr. Gladston Xavier. Thanks to all the professors who served the department till date imparting knowledge, values, skills and attitudes required for responsible and respectable individuals.

The department is a flagship of the college with postgraduate and research programmes. It translates the Jesuit values to practice through professional interventions. Our 20 faculty members and 170 students work as a unit to achieve the ideals of social work. In the field of academics, we have a fully revised and updated syllabus that is contextually relevant. In terms of training our students in practical social work, we collaborate with over 80 organizations in different settings including industrial, community, medical, psychiatric and human rights

We have several co-curricular and add-on programs to build the skills of the students. Our students carry out these programs vibrantly along with our enthusiastic staff members by organizing child fests, seminars, conferences and guest lectures by renowned personalities. Our post graduate students, M.Phil and Ph.D scholars conduct research on socially relevant topics.

Our Knowledge Hub for Excellence in Child Protection (KHEChP) is involved in various trainings for the stakeholders and undertake the cause of child protection. We have been identified as one of the nodal resource centres of UNICEF. The harsh and hard realities of the world, where corruption, competition, power, violence, discrimination, oppression, exploitation, deprivation and inequalities reign supreme, the department of social work enlightens everyone to respond with apt interventions for social transformation. We are pleased with dedicated staff and students for their innovativeness, interest and initiatives in every sphere of academic program and in forming men and women for others.

“What we are is God's gift to us and What we become is our gift to God.”
Let us become a great gift to God and others. Let your Light Shine!!

Best Wishes, Fraternally,

Rev. Dr. A. Louis Arockiaraj, S.J.,
Head, Dept. of Social Work


Rev Dr A Louis Arockiaraj SJ

Head of the Department,
Department of Social Work,
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: +91 44 2817 8200 (Ext.480)