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Students Guide provides you with necessary e-mail address to contact the officials concerning different matters such as

Admission Enquiries - admission@loyolacollege.edu

Suggestions and Complaints - suggestions@loyolacollege.edu

Matter concerning administration – loyolaprincipal@gmail.com

Infrastructure Facilities – secretaryloyola@gmail.com

Administration (Shift II) - deputyprincipal@loyolacollege.edu

Examination Enquiries – loyolaexam@gmail.com

Discipline and Attendance (Shift I) - vps1@loyolacollege.edu

Discipline and Attendance (Shift II) - vps2academic@loyolacollege.edu, vps2admin@loyolacollege.edu

Information about Hostel (Men) - loyolahostelmen@loyolacollege.edu

Information about Hostel (Women) - womenshostel@loyolacollege.edu

Enquires about Academic matter - deansofficeloyola@gmail.com

Research related information- deanofresearch@gmail.com

Students & Cultural Activities - deanofstudents@loyolacollege.edu

Information about extra/co-curricular activities & Students Club Registration – clubs@loyolacollege.edu

Women Students Affairs – deanofwomenstudents@gmail.com

Matter related to Quality Assurance - iqac@loyolacollege.edu

Suggestions about web enhancement - feedback@loyolacollege.edu

ERP guidance - erp@loyolacollege.edu

Placement enquiries - placement.loyola@gmail.com 

Students Support Services - lsss@loyolacollege.edu

Information about PU-LC Twinning Programme - pulctwinning@gmail.com

Additional skill-based courses & diplomas - livedirector96@gmail.com

Students Exchange program & Foreign students - liac@loyolacollege.edu


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Principal & Chairman
Rev. Dr F. Andrew, S.J.

Secretary and Correspondent
Rev. Dr D. Selvanayakam, S.J.
Web Master
Rev. Fr. Justin Prabhu, S.J.
Chief Editor
Dr K. S. Antonysamy
Phone: +91 - 44 - 28178200
Fax: +91 - 44 - 28175566
E-mail: helpdesk@loyolacollege.edu

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