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Others (2018-2019)

-> A convention of “Federation of the livelihood rights of widows - Tamil Nadu”

-> Workshop on "Machine Learning using R and LaTex"

-> Academic Staff Orientation

-> ‘LONGING TO BELONG: REFUGEES IN INDIA' (An Exhibition of Photographs by Eminent Photographer Raghu Rai)

-> Inauguration of First Year UG Classes


-> Loyola Students' Council (2018-2019) Election

-> Inauguration of First Year PG Classes { Shift I ; Shift II }

-> Inaugural Function of the Loyola Students' Council

-> Retreat for Third Year UG Catholic Boys

-> PU-LCS | Staff Orientation Programme

Retreat for Second Year UG Catholic Boys

Inauguration of Forum for Information Technology (FIT) 

Interactive Session with Mr. C.S. Amudhan, Director, TAMIZH PADAM 2

Inauguration of B.Com. Corporate Forum (2018-2019)

Inauguration of the Business Administration Forum (BAF) 2018-19

-> Interactive Session with Mr. N. Shanmuga Sundram, Cinematographer

-> Inauguration of the History Association (2018-2019)

-> PU-LCS | 20th Academic Inauguration Function

-> Leadership Training Programme for Loyola Students Council Members

-> Club Orientation Programme { Shift I ; Shift II }

-> Seminar on "Effective skill development for career growth" for all the differently abled students

-> Mass of the Holy Spirit

-> Seminar on “Big Data Analytics”

-> Retreat for First Year UG Catholic Boys

-> Homage to St. Ignatius of Loyola { Shift I ; Shift II }

-> Inauguration of Forum for Loyola Women Students (FLOWS)

-> Seminar on Waste Management

-> Loyola Research Park Awardees for the year (2018-2019)

-> Loyola Alumni Day

-> Inauguration of M.Phil. Classes

-> 72nd Independence Day Celebrations &
Inaugural Function of 86th Bertram Memorial Tournaments

-> Parent - Teacher Meeting

-> 90th Graduation Day

-> Special Seminar on “Science and Religion”

-> Open Forum for Students

-> Retreat for PG Catholic Boys

-> National Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence”

Health Awareness Campaign on Sleep Deprivation

-> Workshop on IOT (Internet of Things)

-> Corpus Christi Procession

-> 86th Bertram Memorial Tournaments

Retreat for all UG & PG Catholic Girls

Monthly Mass & Prayer Service (Sept 2018)

-> Teachers' Day Celebrations

-> Scholarship Award Programme for the Visually Challenged Students

-> Ovations 2018

-> International Day of Peace - An Interfaith Harmonic Confluence

-> Dept. of Tamil - Endowment Lectures 

-> Faculty Development Program -"Learning Management System (LMS) on Cloud"

-> Inauguration of Loyola Theatre Club & Society (Shift II)

-> World Tourism Day

-> Seminar on “Employment Perspectives for the Differently Abled in Private Sectors”

-> Employable Skill Development program in Cyber Security

-> Monthly Mass & Prayer Service (Oct 2018)

-> Fr. Francis Jayapathy Endowment Lecture

-> Workshop on Re-searching Ecoliteracy: Multidisciplinary Approaches,
Methods, Strategies and Frameworks and the launch of LEAF

-> Inaugural Ceremony of the International Conference on Computing Sciences (ICCS 2018-2019)

-> PU-LCS Twinning Programme | 16th Graduation Day

-> Management Development Programme (MDP) on “IoT and GST for Business Entities and Charitable & Religious Institutions”

-> Transgender 25

-> International Conference on Computing Sciences (ICCS 2018-2019)

-> National Conference on “Excellence in Higher Education”

-> One-day State Level Seminar on “Is Social Media a Boon or Bane for Life”

-> Employable Skill Development Program: Workshop on Chat bots

-> One day Seminar on Social Responsibility

-> Gaja Relief Operations

-> Monthly Mass & Prayer Service (Dec)

-> International Seminar on “Religious Literature in Multi dimensional Perspectives “

Triple Celebrations with the Migrant Workers

-> Book launch on A Rural Manifesto and a Public Lecture

-> Department Festival

-> International Conference on Dictionary and its Etymological Research

-> Christmas Celebration for the Students

-> Campus Christmas Get-Together for all the Staff

-> Dr K. Swaminathan Endowment Lecture

-> Uraiyadal

-> Pongal Celebrations

A One Day National Seminar on Protest Writings

91st Graduation Day

-> 70th Republic Day Celebrations &
Inaugural Function of 20th Rev. Fr. L.D. Murphy S.J. Memorial Football Tournament

-> A Two-Day Faculty Development Programme on Internet of Things (IOT)

-> Monthly Mass & Prayer Service (Feb)

-> Parent - Teacher Meeting

-> Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes - Candle Light Procession

-> A Two-day National Seminar on Taxonomy, Biodiversity & Conservation

-> A Day with Elders (Elders from 43 Outreach Intervention Slums in Chennai}

-> National Symposium on "Contemporary Issues in Environmental Economics"

-> Utru Nokku - A Stage Drama

-> 94th Annual Sports Day

-> Thiru. S.X. Swamikannu Endowment Lecture

-> Senthamizh Sangamam - State level Tamil Festival

-> Debuzz - National Level Inter-Collegiate Annual Quiz Festival

-> Blitzkrieg - Annual Loyola Debating Championship

-> Renaissance - Puthu Yugam

-> International Conference on "New-Fangled Marketing: Trends
and Strategies of Start-Ups and Entrenched Firms" (ICNFM - 2019)

-> Homage to the Martyrs (Pulwama Brave Hearts)

-> National Workshop on Big Data Analytics through Cloud Computing

-> Workshop on “Practical Astronomy”

-> Loyola Women's Hostel Day

-> Loyola Research Day 2019

-> National Conference on “Biochemistry and Therapeutics of Diabetes and Cancer - Treatment and Challenges” (BTDCTC-2019)

-> Valedictory of Loyola Physics Association

-> Valedictory Function of Forum for Information Technology (FIT)

-> Ash Wednesday: Holy Mass / Prayer Service

-> Valedictory Function of  B.Com. Corporate Forum

-> Artspark: An Art Exhibition by 18 UVC

-> Photo Exhibition (2018-2019)

-> Social Media Conclave ‘19

-> International Women's Day Celebrations

-> Union Day: Valedictory of Union, Clubs & Outreach

-> Global Villagers Media Award Ceremony

-> 94th College Day

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