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Profile of the French Department

French was taught by Rev.Fr.Auguste Sauliere, the founder of Loyola Hostels at Loyola right from the inception of the college in 1925. Many Jesuit Fathers like Rev.Fr. Pujo, Rev.Fr. Amescua, Rev.Fr. Pays, Rev.Fr. Varaprasadam and Rev.Fr. Paul de la Guérivière have taught French in the college. Lay stalwarts like Professor Maria Gabriel, Prof. Divien, Prof. Gopalakrishnan and Prof. Miranda have taught French to thousands of young Indians in the college. Chevalier Dr. Francis Xavier Raj, was the Head of the Department of French from 1972-2005. It was under his headship that B.A.French was revived in 1998 and the Department grew steadily. Beginners are admitted in B.A.French (as in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi) and girls are admitted since 2001.

Thanks to the MOU with Lille Catholique University, Lille, France and with Institut Albert le Grand, Angers, France, four students of B.A. French will be able to do their fourth semester in Lille and Angers respectively.

At present there are 150 students in B.A. French Literature course and 9 professors handling both Language and Literature classes.

Thanks to the MOU with the Institut Albert le Grand, one staff would visit the Institut Albert le Grand for a two week training programme.


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