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School of Languages


Oriental Languages Department consists of Advanced and Beginners' level of Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit and Malayalam. This department has been functioning from 1937. Autonomy has given the dept. much freedom to frame new syllabi according to the need of the society. This Department gets students from all over India and regularly we get students from abroad also. We have the responsibility of catering to the needs of them too.

This Department was the first in India, in 1978, to introduce Functional Hindi and Official Language Hindi at U.G. level. In 1980, Principles of translation in Hindi was introduced. Another addition was the introduction of Banking Hindi in 1987 and Journalism in Hindi was introduced in 1990. Students are well versed in these fields to face the challenges of the job market and when they get opportunities to work in Central Government offices. Though Hindi is not yet welcomed by majority of the population of Tamil Nadu, we could achieve to this extent, only due to the interest shown by the student community.

This Department conducted a State Level Seminar on Curriculum Development in which it was decided that 50% of the syllabi may be allotted to Functional Hindi. So, Literature Hindi is taught for 50 marks only. Giving equal weightage to Literature Hindi and Functional Hindi is a bold step taken in the right direction.

Teaching Beginners' Hindi to more than 500 students every year is a seminal contribution to the growth of our National Language Hindi and national harmony.

Sanskrit is taught at two levels, i.e., Beginners' Sanskrit and Advanced Sanskrit. More than 60 students learn Beginners' Sanskrit as Other Language. Introducing ‘Christu Bhagavatham' in Sanskrit syllabus has pumped in fresh enthusiasm among the christian students. Spoken Sanskrit is an essential component of Sanskrit syllabus to bring real meaning to the teaching of Sanskrit.

In Telugu, 40% of traditional and 60% of contemporary subjects have been introduced which is welcomed by the student community. Official Language Telugu is also given due weightage in the curriculum.

Beginners' Malayalam is also offered by the department.


Dr Raj Shekhar

Head of the Department,
Department of Hindi,
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: +91 44 2817 8200 (Ext 375)