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Loyola – Racine Research Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences (LIMCOS) is a Research Centre focusing on Integrated Knowledge for the Empowerment of the Needy. It aims to enhance research activities, propagate obtained knowledge through standard programs and through suitable means to implement that knowledge for career-edge advancement towards the empowerment of the needy. It is a centre where the research scholars in and around Chennai meet periodically to foster sharing of knowledge and train young M.Phil., and Ph.D., students, who would take up projects relevant to social needs for their research. It is a forum for young researchers to discuss modern research areas leading to collaborative, funded research and build up networking locally and globally.


Integrated Knowledge for the Empowerment of the Needy

  • Promoting research and giving impetus to project preparation for funding
  • Encourage and popularize inter-disciplinary research and projects
  • Propagation through usual seminars, workshops, webinars and international conference s and also through the different trending social platforms
  • Implementing that acquired knowledge through inter-disciplinary approaches for better reach out.

  • Precious knowledge is preserved for future generation through publications.
  • Creative skills of our young minds would be properly channeled and utilized for preparation of materials/short videos for social media platforms
  • Scientific concepts could be explained in a simple way for the students to learn and understand. The government of Tamil Nadu has a program to use youtube material as teaching aid. Eventually to build up a learning app for Loyola campus.
  • Networking between the institutions within Loyola Campus and other institutions of higher learning.

  • Inter-disciplinary research projects and supporting researchers to apply for funding.
  • Special lectures, Workshop, Seminars both national and international, Webinars at regular intervals
  • Publication of articles in research journals and ultimately aiming for a research journal for LIMCOS.
  • Preparing study materials and digital study aids like slides, videos, puzzles for the trending social platforms.

The Department has made innovations and hands-on methods of learning as its hallmark. Besides classroom instruction, students are constantly encouraged to attend/organise seminars, workshops and campaigns.


Dr C Muthu

Loyola - Racine Research Institute of Mathematics and Computing Sciences (LIMCOS),
Loyola College (Autonomous),
Chennai - 600 034.

Tel: +91- 44-28178200