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Loyola Counselling Center (LCC) fosters Positive mental health and Development of the students, focusing on the Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Psychosocial issues at the Prevention, Intervention and Rehabilitation levels. The approach is multidimensional encompassing the Students, Faculty and Parents involving One to one counseling, Group therapies (Target groups, Focus groups and Special groups) Awareness programs, Empowerment and Enrichment programs, Crisis Intervention programs Commemoration of Special Days, Class visits, The Mentoring program, The Faculty Addiction Policy Team. One of the undertakings of LCC is The Aura Club.

Methods of training involve meticulously planned and worked out indoor & outdoor activities, games, training programs, workshops, campaigns, rallies, input sessions, demos, practical sessions, discussions and follow ups. In concurrence with training, these students are involved in Active ongoing campaigning and as Referral channels to LCC. Through The Aura Club a large number of students in need and crisis are helped in a conducive, non- threatening, comfortable and student friendly manner. It has also helped in breaking barriers and stigma in seeking counseling help thus enlarging the visibility and accessibility to LCC. The outcome of it is evident from the student, parent and faculty feedbacks and the increasing number of student, staff and self-referrals.

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