Research Vision

Research Vision and Strategy

Research contributes content to teaching. Any quality teaching draws on quality research. Keeping this in mind, Loyola College engages its faculty in sound research, by providing infrastructure and other support services.

The following are the main objectives :
  • to promote multidisciplinary research and education in arts, languages, commerce, social sciences, basic sciences and applied areas of sciences.
  • to enhance the research capabilities of Loyola College by engaging faculty in research that integrates the education of a diverse population of students especially; the first generation learners and the underprivileged.
  • to encourage and support socially relevant and need based research coupled with human values.
  • to provide a rich intellectual environment for collaborative research among faculty and students from various departments.
  • to develop research and educational collaborations with larger community, including industry, minority serving colleges and university, other universities and institutions of higher learning.
  • to establish partnerships, collaborations and outreach that amplify the vision of Loyola College.