Loyola Counselling Center (LCC)

Loyola Counselling Center (LCC)

What is Psychological Counselling ?

Psychological Counselling is a very normal process where a person is helped to help themselves, with a guidance of a trained professional. It requires great courage and inner strength to accept one's need for help, to help themselves and set things right in their life. So seeking counselling is a sign of self respect, courage and inner strength!

The Loyola Counselling Center (LCC) welcomes any person of our college who are in emotional distress and feel the need for supportive guidance, to help them cope and handle stress. Counselling and guidance can also be sought for self development and improvement, where you feel the need for it.

LCC has 3 professional counsellors

Ms. Yazhini

Ms. Christina

Mr. Kiran

When can you approach us? If you have

Intra-personal issues:
* Low self esteem
* Low self confidence
* Anxiety
* Abuse
* Extreme fear
* Repetitive thoughts and behaviours
* Feeling suicidal
* Decision making
* Low assertiveness
* Difficult in handling emotions -
     o Hurt
     o Emotional pain
     o Past memories
     o Uncontrolable anger
     o Prolonged sadness

Inter - personal issues:
* Issues with parents
* Issues with friends
* Ineffective Communication skill
* Inadequate coping skill
* Breakups
* Issues with opposite gender
* Dependence to substance
* Dependance to gagets and habits

You can reach us at

044-28178406 (During working days)

Monday - Friday ( 9 am to 5 pm )

Ms. Yazhini - 7812894693

Ms. Christina - 7812896556

Mr. Kiran - 7812876322