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Loyola Club of Performing Arts

Performing Arts provides an important means of understanding, constructing, appreciating, and communicating social and cultural values. It allows us to interpret, value, and transmit traditions of the past; explore, celebrate, challenge the present, and build concepts of the future through the imagination. It also encourages team- building and problem solving strategies that have become important requirements in the contemporary work environment.

Loyola Club of Performing Arts was launched in the year 2014-15 with an aim of providing emotional, intellectual, social and aesthetic growth of an individual and to enable students to appreciate, create, and communicate effectively thereby fostering self confidence, self discipline and self-motivation.

The focus of the club is both on practical and theoretical exposure which allow students to develop a complete understanding of the various techniques involved in the three art forms: music, dance and theatre.

Year Plan (Tentative)



Month    - Activity

August (2015) - workshop on body movements

September - Workshop on voice enrichment

October - Workshops on technical aspects of productions

November - Outreach- classroom performances

December -Auditions for Campus theatre Initiative (CTI)

January (2016) - Rehearsals

February -CTI


Street plays in association with AICUF.


Music and Dance
College events, flash mob, music festival in the college for a cause.

Accomplishments :



•  The LCPA SHIFT -1 was inaugurated on the 25th November 2016. The senior students of the club shared their experiences and learning with the First year students and motivated them to take active part in the forth coming activities of the club.


•  On 9th January 2017 there was a Kuchupudi dance performance, the classical art form of Andrapradhesh by Dr.Vasanti in Chennai. All LCPA students were asked to attend the performance in order to learn to appreciate the classical art form.


•  On 10th January 2017, a seminar on Indian Classical Music was organized by Prof Dr.Vasantiin the MRF hall. Mr. KaushikChampakesan, a Classical music artist was the guest of honour. He brought in a general awareness on the Indian classical music amongst our students and enlightened them on the various perspectives and the prospects of this genre of music.During the session, Students were very curious and raised many questions which had helped them to have a broad outlook on the classical music and also to get out of their inhibitions and clichés.


•  On 13th February 2017, A workshop on theatre was organized by Dr.M.F.Valan in the Live auditorium. Master PayYaaPonmudi, a film artist as well as the founder and Head of his own school of acting Black Marina Cini Lab held the session. He introduced various physical exercises and techniques of acting to our students and the students were eager to learn and experience the difference.

•  A field visit was organized on 19.02.17 by Dr.Vasanti to “Pratishrut”, a school for Kuchupudi, the classical dance form of Andra Pradesh. The school of dance is situated in I.I.T Madras.

•  On 22.02.17, a workshop on Folk Art was organized by Dr. Durga Devi on “Paraiyattam”, “Oilattam” and the playing of the instrument “Parai” in the sports ground at the Loyola College.

•  On 25.02.17 Miss. P.Rubavathy from 1 st year Viscom, accompanied byDr.M.F. Valan, gave a classical dance performance in Loyola School at Kuppayanallur near Chengelpattu.

•  On 01.03.2017, Prof Dr.Durga Devi organized the following events in Y.D.Hall during the prayer service for the non-Catholic students.

•  Devotional songs ( Alwin, a Vocalist from Maths department, Sashwanth, a keyboard player from statistics department, Ivan, Drummer from statistics department)

•  A classical dance performance ( P.Rubavathy from Viscom department )

•  A skit in Tamil on “EmmathamumSammadham” (PremKumar from Tamil department, Benjamin, Gabriel and Basilica Flora from viscomdepartment, Subash and Raja Durai from Advanced Zoology department)

•  We are planning to have a street play and a concert before the valedictory function.

•  All events are well informed to the students through the following ways:

•  SMS alerts

•  E.mails

•  Announcement on the website

•  Announcement on the whats app group

•  Public addressing system ( On the day of the event )


Loyola Dream Team Achievements 2015-2018* 


*2015 - 2016*
- First place in JBDC Tamil Nadu dance championship and IIT MadrasSARANG (first team to win both competitions in a row). - Winners of Radio Mirchi Tamil Nadu dance championship.
- First place in WCC, MCC, LIBA, IIITM, Anna University, IFMR, Mount Carmel and many more.

*2016 - 2017*
- Winners of five national titles (IIM Bangalore, VIT Vellore, VIT Chennai, Milan, Pulse).
- The First college team to qualify for the Hip-hop international (national finals).
- The First place in 13 other college events.

*2017 - 2018*
- The First place in 12 college events.
- Qualified for the Hip-hop international Indian finals.
- The First college team to secure the first runners up position at IDA's DESTINY'18, a national competition (professional category) which gave us the number 2 position in the country.
- The First college team selected to represent India in the world championship held in South Korea.