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Aim of the Club:
Empowering the Neighbourhood.

Vision of the Club:
Development of community people in education sector through LRC students.

Mission of the Club:
To make the students aware of the life style of downtrodden people.

•  To give knowledge to students about media through seminars with channel experts.
•  To make them learn creating script, compeering, studio handling in technical manner and taking interviews with the community people.

Activities Planned:
Compeering, Script writing, Media visit, Field visit, Discussion about media, Workshops and training for becoming a RJ.

The vision statement of Loyola FM 107.4, “Empowering the Neighbourhood through Radio,” says it all. The range of capacity building includes planning, organizing and event management at the village community level where club students are exposed to the reality of life, these include compeering, script writing and media critique.

Within 15 kilometre radius, we have adopted nearly 10 small communities (Pushpa Nagar, Choolaimedu, AppaSamy Street, New Boopathy Nagar, Shenoy Nagar, Kamrajapuram, Giriyappa Road, Susaipuram, Nariyandhu Kaadu, Varadarajapuram and Egmore), 5 corporation schools and 3 transgender organizations (THOZHI, ITI & SAHODHARAN) .

There are students from every department who volunteer to be part of LRC for a year. LRC collaborates with the Govt. of India, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Chennai Corporation, Tamil Nadu press club and Tamil Nadu film Industry.

Year Plan (2019 - 2020)
•  Club Orientation for Loyola Community Radio
•  Workshops on Media and Training
•  Seminars on Community Radio
•  Development Communication and Field visits.

Annual Reports:-
-> 2018-2019

-> 2016-2017

-> 2015-2016

-> 2014-2015


Event 1: What is Community Radio?
On 28th August 2018, a seminar was conducted in the Y. D Hall on Community Radio. The Key resource persons were Pattukottai Baskar and Kovai Vanoli Thangavelan. Nearly 200 students from the Loyola community radio club benefitted from this.

Event 2: Veethi Viruthu
By means of having folk artists compete with one another in the "Street awards” event, we create an opportunity for the students to learn more about folk literature and for us to gather more material for the radio programmes through which we can understand basic things about the livelihood of folk artists.

Event 3: Transgender lives matter
A seminar regarding the livelihood of transgenders will be held on 15th November 2018. It is primarily for creating an awareness among people to come out of their social stereotypes and taboos about Transgenders.

Event 4: Radio and Tamil Literature
On January 10, 2019, a seminar titled “Thirukkural through the eyes of artists and journalists” will be conducted in the L.S Hall. Students would be enriched by means of partaking in this seminar and interviewing the popular artists and journalist's students who participate.

Event 5: Live Broadcasting from Slums
This event involves meeting the community and finding out from them, the issue they face every day. 200 students will be sent over to 10 different places in groups of 20. At the end of it, they produce radio programmes involving the local community. Later it is broadcasted from Loyola Community Radio Frequency.

World Radio day One day Workshop - February 13, 2020

Workshop on ‘Social Justice' - February 21, 2020

Photo Gallery:-

One day Seminar on Social Responsibility - December 1, 2018
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Loyola FM Radio Club